April 8, 2019

Oral arguments were heard by the Court for the appeals. A decision on the appeals has not yet been rendered. Class Members still have the option to participate in early Voluntary Arbitration. Contact CAP-Motors (800-279-5343), or contact the class attorneys, Capstone Law APC (855-310-9583), for additional information regarding this process.


September 5, 2017

*Opt-In Deadline for people with pending lawsuits pertaining to the PowerShift Transmission.


*Opt-out Deadline.


*Objection Deadline.


October 2, 2017


Fairness hearing.


October 18, 2017


Settlement confirmed by the Court. Claims may now be filed with CAP-Motors. Please make note of the 10 Day Advance Notice that is required to Ford prior to filing a claim for arbitration.


November 17, 2017


Appeals have been filed with the Court.  Claims are unable to be moved beyond the initial eligibility determination until the appeals have been resolved.

November 26, 2018


At this time the Settlement is currently being appealed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California. In an effort to provide Class Members with an option to have their claims resolved sooner, Ford and Class Counsel have reached an agreement to offer a Voluntary Arbitration process under the current Settlement guidelines. As the consumer, you have the option to pursue the Voluntary Arbitration or wait until the appeal is complete to move forward with arbitration. Should you have questions or concerns, please reach out to CAP-Motors, or a local attorney or the class attorneys, Capstone Law APC, at 855-310-9583 should you have more specific questions. This Voluntary Arbitration process will be available to Class Members on November 26, 2018.